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 1.     About Kopalink

 Kopalink is an online platform that operates and maintains an online marketplace that allows consumers to browse and apply for third-party personal finance products, including personal loans, home loans, car loans, and credit cards, as well as insurance products.


We are a neutral online marketplace for instant customized rate quotes on loans, insurance services, credit cards and foreign exchange services

From our portal you can shop for loans, insurance and foreign exchange services, open a bank account as well as apply credit cards just like you buy everything else online – an online financial market place.



Kenya’s high adoption of technology and the increasing internet penetration in the country places Kenya at a great position to become a potent FinTech force of the world. With other key enablers such as a fast evolving startups ecosystem, good government policies and a well-educated and technologically adaptive workforce and population, Kenya is poised to become a potent Fintech force in the region.


Currently, there is a lot of opaqueness in the financial sector to the customers especially for those seeking financial services as financial institutions do not disclose adequate information for clients to make informed choices.


The purpose of Kopalink is to demystify that and create transparency in the entire loan process.




At the moment, Kenya’s financial sector is quite disjointed as banks and other financial institutions operate under individual terms and customers do not understand cross banking services. There is a big disconnect between the customer and the institutions as the banks are not very responsive to customer needs.

One of the major challenges faced by many Kenyans seeking financial services such as loans, insurance covers, credit cards, opening bank accounts or seeking foreign exchange services is the lack of a one-stop platform to obtain such services and also the lack of information on the best deals available in the market. In most cases, people still have to either walk into banking halls to seek for the services or call a friend who may be conversant with such services. This also involves undertaking a lot of inquiries from different service providers. These lengthy and tedious processes sometimes lead to frustrations and prospective customers end up settling for the next available and not necessarily the best deals that are cost effective and which may not suit their needs!


Walking into many of Kenya’s banking halls, one will find that customers still queue hours on end for services they would have otherwise undertaken using online platforms or straight from their mobile phones. Some of the services they seek are basic – such as asking for a loan statement or enquiry about available loans, loan rates and other information which can be easily provided online at a press of a button.


As consumers get more and more sophisticated with their investment plans, there is need to build competencies and partnerships with third party providers to outsource non-core components of their  businesses to third party providers who  specialize in sourcing for clients and concentrate on their main business. Thus banks need to tie up with various channel partners to provide value added services across the board. The convenience of customers has become a critical aspect of banking and this is where specialized and sophisticated providers such as Koplalink come into play to offer the most critical piece – the quality of service and specialized talent that banks need in order be successful in their retail business.


Most of the big banking institutions are leaden with huge liquidity reserves. These banks need to move a place for “parking” people’s money and borrowers just borrow to a place where everyone understands why they have a relationship with the bank in the first place.

Kopalink envisages to developing into a financial nirvana for customers make it their peck and call.




2.     Why Kopalink?


Kopalink understands that the customer of the 21st century needs a lot comfort, convenience and quality services which can only be achieved through innovation. Banking, and financial services in general are an evolutionary process where quality of services and convenience shall be its hallmark and main differentiator. With Kopalink, we shall deliver a system where a client can get a forex exchange delivered right to his doorstep. This can only be brought about through convergence of services at single point – Kopalink.

Kopalink is a platform that provides a one-stop online shop for all financial services in the country. Acting as a financial aggregator, Kopalink provides a one stop online marketplace connecting interested financials service seekers e.g. loan borrowers with the potential providers (both traditional and non-traditional financial providers)

Kopalink therefore wants to bring an end to the disjointed financial services in the financial sector by making the whole process quite simple and transparent through a single portal. Whether you need a personal loan, a car loan, a mortgage, an insurance policy for your car, a life cover, an educational cover, credit cards or just want to undertake a forex service, loans, insurance, credit cards, foreign exchange and other financial services the platform provides you with all these at a single place –right at the palm of your hand! The platform shall link prospective customers with prospective financial providers.

  1. At Kopalink, we understand that if financial institutions have to understand their customers, then they need to constantly engage with them through interactions on various media. Its time financial institutions move out of the brick and mortar establishments and start coming out and have an active engagement/relationship with their customers. Banks need to have a close relationship with their most important players – their customers.
  2. At Kopalink, customers shop for financial services just like they do at any online market place. Kopalink aims at creating “Alibaba of the financial sector.”
  3. The Kopalink aggregation platform shall intelligently compare various financial products by different service providers and give the customer choices and the opportunity to make an informed decision. With the reality that some aspects of the financial sector are very opaque – leading to mistrust between the customers and the financial institutions, sometimes finding accurate information about a loan product that suit your needs can be a very tedious process.
  4. The Kopalink platform shall offer clients a whole range of different financial products and services that vary from short term unsecured personal loans and car financing to long term secured loans for mortgages.


  1. The Koplalink platform gives clients the opportunity to compare all the services being offered by the various providers from a single simplified platform – an online marketplace that enables users to compare and buy financial products (Including insurance policies, bank loans and credit cards, etc.)


  1. The Kopalink platform shall provide essential information about financial products and enable customers to compare them across various parameters and decide what suits them best.


  1. The use of the Koplalink platform shall reduce costs of using financial services in the country. Costs for maintaining bank accounts, obtaining loans, getting insurance services or forex services.


  1. As a neutral platform, Kopalink does not align itself to any particular financial service provider and shall therefore enable customers have unbiased information for decision making.


  1. By wooing customers for banks and insurance companies through providing services under one roof,


  1. Kopalink believes that it is time to start reaching out to clients instead of waiting for them to walk through the door. Kopalink shall therefore aggressively market its platform using various online media to reach as many customers as possible.


  1. Kopalink aims at offering excellent customer service and feedback rating.


  1. Kopalink wants to create a system where people no longer need to “store away” their money for borrowers to borrow to a point where customers understand that their bank accounts are a great asset that can be used to generate wealth for themselves.


  1. Kopalink shall provide customers with a single platform where they can engage bank representatives through chats from one point


  • Kopalink shall provide our clients with a platform where they can engage with their customers through chats and other communication channels. If financial institutions are to understand their customers, they need to constantly interact with them in different ways.


  1. Banking in an evolutionary process. Quality of service and convenience shall be the main differentiation


  • Going forward, banks will increasingly have to offer comprehensive financial solutions that bring higher returns to customers and thus earn greater loyalty. And to do this banks will have to address issues of conflicts of interest, mis-selling and other malpractices on a war footing.



3.     Advantages of Using the Kopalink Platform


  • No need for lengthy loan negotiations

With Kopalink, banks shall competitively provide their irreducible minimum.


  • No lengthy queues in banks

With Kopalink, you don’t need to queue in the banks searching for loans as the banks shall do most of the work for you.

  • Convenience

With Kopalink, you can apply and get your loan without stepping out of the comfort of your home or office.

This saves you a lot of time and helps you avoid contracting infectious diseases such as COVID-19.


4.   How Kopalink Loan Component Shall operate


With Kopalink, all a prospective customer needs to do is access the portal and make a loan request through what we call a “loan broadcast.”


A “loan broadcast” is a system works as follows:


  1. A prospective borrower accesses the Kopalink system and registers on the portal (filling in various details.)
  2. After registration, the prospective member receives both an email and an SMS confirmation for registration to authenticate the details.
  3. The registered prospective applicant then browses the system and chooses the preferred type of loan he/she needs from the available loan packages on the portal e.g. a mortgage loan, salary loan, car loan, etc.
  4. The loan applicant then “blindly” send the loan application request through the Kopalink system
  5. The Kopalink System sends the loan request to various financial institutions who offer loans in the country and have registered and partnered with us
  6. The financial institutions receive the request and then subjects it to their internal loan application processes/mechanisms including credit rating
  7. Based on the results of the internal bank processes, the financial institution sends feedback to the prospective borrower through the Kopalink system.
  8. The borrower then gets notifications through his/her phone and email about the loan. The same can also be accessed from the borrowers portal
  9. If the borrower meets the internal requirements for the bank, he/she gets a loan quotation from the bank/financial institution. (Please note that the customer may get many loan quotes with the terms and conditions of the loan from various financial institutions which he/she can compare)
  10. If the customer is satisfied with one of the loan quotations and the terms, he/she shall proceed by accepting the quote and the terms of the loan.
  11. The bank shall then respond with a “Letter of Loan Offer” which the customer can sign, scan and send to the bank or can sign it electronically.
  12. The bank shall then proceed with the disbursement of the loan to the customer’s banks account.
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