About Us


Why Kopalink?

Kopalink is Kenya's first online loans supermarket whose mission is to bring transparency, simplicity and convenience in the way people borrow money and access other financial services. Our work is to link borrowers and financial institutions from across the country and bring them into one platform. 

Kopalink Kenya’s first loans introducer. Kopalink is not a lender but introduces customers to our partners who are Kenya’s leading lender. We introduce customers who need credit and other financial services to leading banks, well-established registered financial institutions and micro-credit cooperative societies in the country through a single, simple and convenient platform that they can use to easily access credit facilities and other financial services

Our state-of-the-art, home-grown technology platform enables fast online delivery of loans and related services to customers in a speedy and transparency. 

No Cost to our Customers

At Kopalink, we don’t charge you as a borrower. We provide 100% free online financial services to clients who use our platform. We have a standing agreement with reputable financial institutions and lenders to introduce reliable customers for the purpose of obtaining loans and other financial services to them. 


Negotiated Rates

Kopalink has negotiated good and competitive rates for those who apply for credit facilities and other financial services through our platform. Our mission is to ensure that you get timely financial services at the convenience of your home and without having to hassle. As Kopalink, we offer you a free service and there is no obligation to take out a loan offer from a particular financial institution.

Kopalink does not provide any loan or consumer credit products directly. As a loan introducing service, we act as an introducer and not a direct lender. We have no influence over any final decisions made by lenders on whether to accept your loan application or not. We are a facilitative service.


Why use our free loan sourcing Service?

Kopalink was built on the realization that customers have had challenges getting credit facilities from various financial institutions due to lack of a single point of service or platform they could easily access such services. Before Kopalink was started, prospective loan applicants either had to physically walk into individual financial institutions, get in touch with bank sales executives they knew or traverse the internet searching for website of various financial institutions which took too long to respond to customer queries. But thanks to Kopalink as the launch of our online platform has brought all these under one roof.


How does Kopalink Work?

When you make a loan application using our platform, your application is presented to multiple financial institutions and lenders at the same time who in turn act on your application. Depending on the efficiency of the internal process of particular financial individuals, you may get multiple loan offers at different times. Secondly, various financial institutions may also contact you to confirm or clarify some information. This presents you as a user with an opportunity to argue your case and fast track your loan application process. Otherwise most institutions shall provide loan offers based on the information provided on the application.

Kopalink therefore provides you with a platform to do all these without the hassle of walking into banking halls and filling in lots and lots of loan application forms. And with the advent of COVID-19, this is a risky venture considering that you may end up interacting with many people and risk coronavirus infection.

 The advantage of using the Kopalink platform over the different websites of financial institutions is that you have an opportunity of a simplified site that is manned 24/7. Once you have submitted your application, our sophisticated application system distributes the same to the institutions who then immediately react to your application.


Commitment to Our Customers

At Kopalink we exist for customers. We live for our customers and have to work hard to ensure that our customers get the facilities they need at their own terms. We go a great length and take a careful approach to ensure our customers are happy at every step of the way.

We have a 24/7 support system to ensure that your queries and other issues are acted on promptly. Our dedicated team is there to ensure that any issues you may have regarding the use of our platform are handled quickly and to your satisfaction. Your feedback goes a long way in ensuring that we have continuous improvement of our services. We take time to listen to you when you talk to us. 


Responsible Lending

At Kopalink, we fully support responsible lending, that is why all our partners are regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya and are therefore bound by the Kenya’s law to engage in responsible lending. 


Responsible borrowing

Kopalink advocates for responsible borrowing. Kopalink understands that it is important for borrowers to engage in and adopt a responsible borrowing ethos. It is extremely important that you do not borrow money using a short term loan while knowing that you are unable to pay it back on time.

We therefore strongly advise anyone that is thinking about applying for credit facilities to where possible, ensure that they borrow the amount of money that they can easily repay without straining themselves. If you have re-occurring financial worries we advise you to seek independent debt advice from one of the many established financial institutions in the country.

Our Partners and Customers